Dinner at RE-NAA

Dinner at RE-NAA

at RE-NAA on 3 August 2022
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Sven Erik Renaa runs three restaurants with completely different concepts in Stavanger. The flagship is Re-naa, his fine dining place. He recently got promoted to 2 stars in the Guide Michelin. Unfortunately during the pandemic he lost most of the brigade and in April this year his head chef Jae Bang who moved to Australia.
However, even though, totally understandably, there are some execution issues with such a young and new team, the level of cooking is extraordinarily high. Some of his main courses are so good, that we had to ask for an “お代わり” or encore, Japanese style of one of them. And to my great astonishment the kitchen stoically registered this request and served it without missing a beat.
I think this is clearly a candidate for a third star, once everything, past pandemic, settled in.
Regarding the service, I have seen some good front offices over the years of going to restaurants, but never, ever something so slick. Everybody is responsible for everything, they are so present and at the same time so invisible that it becomes magic. Experience dinners will love this place just because of its service. Kudos!

9 / 10

Buckling / Potato / Sour Crème / Layrom/

King Crab Claw / Ginger / Yuzu

Turnip / Tarragon / Kale /

Chicken Liver / Pine shoot / Bitter Chocolate /

Yellowtail / White Currants / Wasabi /

King Crab / Seabuckthorn / Pumpkin /

Wild Salmon / Vin Jane / Rossini Gold Selection Caviar /

Okawari King crab

Monkfish / Chanterelles / Chicken Butter /

Lamb from Klostergaarden / Peas / Ramson/

Grilled Quail from Tau / Beetroot/

Glazed Quail leg / Grains /

Citrus / Nyr / Timut pepper /

Wild Strawberry / Meringue / Almond Milk /

Black Barley / Walnut / Pinecone/