Lunch at Ikarus

Lunch at Ikarus

at Ikarus on 23 November 2013
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Hangar-7 in Salzburg, Austria, is a unique structure that houses a collection of historical airplanes, helicopters, and Formula One racing cars, and it is also known for hosting art exhibitions. The most notable feature of Hangar-7 is its architecture, which is a remarkable example of contemporary design.

As for the culinary aspect, Hangar-7 is home to the renowned Restaurant Ikarus. This restaurant is unique because it has a different guest chef concept. Each month, a different top chef from around the world is invited to create a menu, making it a hub for international culinary innovation and diversity. The chefs invited are typically among the best in their respective countries, often holding Michelin stars or similar accolades. This concept offers guests a chance to experience a wide variety of cooking styles and cuisines throughout the year.

The concept behind Hangar-7, combining a love for aviation and motorsports with high-end cuisine and culture, makes it a unique destination in Salzburg. The blend of technological innovation and global culinary expertise under one roof offers visitors an unusual and enriching experience.

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