Dinner at Fäviken Magasinet

Dinner at Fäviken Magasinet

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Fäviken is what it is.
Remote, so the journey becomes part of the journey.
Regrettably slow in changing dishes, so the frequent visitor knows exactly what is coming.
Welcoming, as every staff member introduces him-/herself by their first name.
Draconian, as every course gets announced by hand clapping which kills every conversation.
Astounding, as they announce toward the end of the meal that they will be now serving some dishes very fast and the dinner better eat fast.

Fäviken wears on you. The same dishes, the inconsiderate procedures and the non understandable rush at the end.

Maybe they should reconsider a little bit their style and change the dishes. Otherwise they degenerate to a culinary museum for one time guests.

5 / 10