Dinner at Troisgros

Dinner at Troisgros

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This must be one of the most beautiful restaurants in the world. Moved from their train station location in Roanne into the countryside, they converted a large farm into a restaurant and small hotel with 15 rooms.

The dining room is a glass cube which connects the farm with the mansion house and is designed to bring the forest into the room, thus connects the environment outside with the diners inside.

The food matches the beauty and skill of the design and architecture. It is rare that a family in their fourth generation which has three stars since 1968(!) lifts their game when the next generation takes over. So far, the family Troigros managed to accomplish this hat-trick. C├ęsar and Leo, inspired by their trips around the world, pour their experience and skill into a classic French cuisine. It is heavily influenced by international flavours but stays true to its French soul. Their play with acidity creates truly inspiring dishes. The fried carrot salad for example shows what one can do with a very humble ingredient. The Asparagus and Squid course was a perfect play between textures, sweet and sour tastes. The softness of the squid was counterpointed by the crunchiness of the asparagus, the rhubarb in the sauce added the acidity to the sweetness of the strawberry, ginger rounded up the sauce to make the whole dish simply stunning.

Rarely you go to a three star restaurant and you get overwhelmed. This place is truly worth a journey, it will not disappoint, trust me!

Modern French
10 / 10