Lunch at Hirasansou (比良山荘)

Lunch at Hirasansou (比良山荘)

at Hirasansou (比良山荘) on 17 November 2019
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There is Hirasansou and then there is Hirasansou in the fall. You sit in your room, overlooking the garden where the little creek creates soothing noises and the trees display a varying shade or red and yellow. And then of course there is Matsutake in combination with the wild bear and boar and one of the best dashis in the world.
You just sit back, relax and let the Master cook for you and tell you when to take out the bear or boar. It melts in your mouth and you feel happy.

10 / 10

Koi (carp) sashimi and hamo (dagger-tooth pike conger)

Ayu (sweetfish)

THE dashi

Wild Bear



The spread

The Master

Wild boar