Dinner at HAJIME (ハジメ)

Dinner at HAJIME (ハジメ)

at Hajime (ハジメ) on 1 February 2018
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Hajime Yoneda, a late bloomer, cooks with a verve and artistry which is seldom found.
15 courses, all of which with unusual flavour combinations and perfect executions while the plating displays artistry and passion.
His signature dish, "Chikyu", planet earth consists of almost 100 vegetables and gets served in a massive two colored plate so the two diners sitting across the table can share the dish.
The wine list contains a significant number of Japanese wines, one of which we trank, a decent Merlot from the Tusgane.
A wonderful experience and well deserved three stars.

Note: Due to the no-picture policy, the picture are taken from the restaurant's website.

9 / 10

"Chikyu", planet earth