Dinner at Comptoir Feu (コントワール フー)

Dinner at Comptoir Feu (コントワール フー)

at Comptoir Feu on 18 November 2021
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The Chef continues to amaze me. No recipes, only inspiration. I am sure he does not know what to cook at night when he gets up in the morning, but he produces stunning dishes all by himself. Some of them pure genius. For example the shiitake served with Tardivo Chicory. The mushroom cut like a steak, fried in a pan with olive oil and then served with chicory from Italy. Stunning.
His Daikon with truffle sauce releases endless umami while the bite and acidity of the daikon creates texture.
Pure Pleasure!

The Chef will change his concept in the new year with becoming more a training center for young chefs. He will, thankfully, open up for his regular customers.

10 / 10

Kani in olive oil

Kajiki with chicken liver pate

Daikon in truffle sauce

Shiitake with Tardivo Chicory

Murasaki Uni from Nagasaki Risotto with caviar

Carrots with Anchovies in Paprika sauce

Black pig from Kagoshima in Vermouth and Orange Wine sauce