Lunch at Cuisine régionale L'évo

Lunch at Cuisine régionale L'évo

at L'evo (レヴォ) on 12 June 2023
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Taniguchi-san's culinary prowess has reached new heights in the picturesque Toyama mountains, leaving me in awe with each visit. The sheer dedication and innovation showcased in his dishes are nothing short of extraordinary. Among the unforgettable culinary experiences, the tile fish stole the show, offering a symphony of flavors that transported me to gastronomic bliss. And let me not forget to mention the goat cheese somen, a beloved classic that brims with an explosion of umami, leaving me craving for more. Additionally, Tagmura Taikanba, nestled in this remarkable region, adds another layer of charm and authenticity to the dining experience. With its unique cultural heritage and stunning natural surroundings, it perfectly complements Taniguchi-san's exceptional culinary artistry. This place truly represents a gastronomic paradise that continues to captivate and delight diners with its ever-evolving culinary creations.



10 / 10