Lunch at Tantris

Lunch at Tantris

at Tantris on 1 December 2021
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Second part of Tantris - the fine dining restaurant under Chef Benjamin Chmura. Chef Chmura has an illustrious CV, Haeberlin,, Le Cinq and Troigrois.
The new menu was slightly shortened due to the raising Corona numbers. It contained some highlights and some bad disappointments. The start, caviar with cauliflower, was fresh with subtle layers of flavors. A very good start, the subsequent scallops with beetroot and nage, was excellent. The softness and sweetness of the scallops was perfectly balanced by the acidity and crunchiness of the beetroot. A great dish, certainly a keeper. The savory brioche served with the pigeon was stunningly prepared by the Pâtissier Maxime Rebmann. The texture of a brioche but the flavor of a bread, one wanted to order seconds and thirds!
The disappointment was the highly anticipated Lievre, a completely useless course. Dried out with an uneatable texture. Unfortunately my companion ate most of it before I tasted it, so I would have sent it back immediately. What a catastrophe. The person who sent this out should be punished by eating this dish every dinner for the rest of his/her life.
Overall, I think the concept is good, the execution mostly very good with the occasional disaster.

6 / 10

Osietra Caviar - Cauliflower - Sorrel

Scallop - Beetroot - Nage Sancerre

Red mullet - lemon - saffron

Pigeon - duck liver - quince

Lièvre à la royale

Peru - parsnip - whisky