Breakfast at Lune Croissanterie CBD

Breakfast at Lune Croissanterie CBD

at Lune Croissanterie CBD on 27 September 2019
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This is maybe the best place to eat croissant on Earth. Yes, this sounds like a hyperbole but trust me it is not.

It starts with the space, an old industrial warehouse in the hip neighbourhood of Fityroy, barely renovated houses the kitchen which is a ultra cool cube with same artistic light fixtures.

What a business model, every day from 8am to 3pm they serve a varying selection of croissants, danish and their own invention, the Cruffin.
Every single pastry is amazingly good, perfectly executed, fresh from the oven and super delicious.
But then they hit you with the Salty Caramel Croissant. I swear you will never, ever eat any pastry as good as this one. Onto the chocolate chip base they add very generously salts caramel and all this gets wrapped in the perfectly constructed layered dough.
Unbelievable, no where in Vienna (where the croissant comes from) or Paris will you find anything as good as this.

10 / 10

Kitchen called “The Cube”

Coffee bar

Daily line up

Production line

Ready to be put into the oven

Ever heard of Croissant Omakase?

Sweet selection

Savoury selection

The famous Cruffin

Lemon Curd


Almond X-section

Gruyere and Ham

Gruyere and Ham X-section


The Ultimante Croissant, the Salty Caramel Croissant

White Coffee