Lunch at Mil 3650 meters high!

Lunch at Mil 3650 meters high!

at Mil on 27 January 2019
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It is a hike to get there. It is close to Cusco, but only when you look at it from Europe. It takes 3 hours to drive from the airport in Cusco. But trust me, it is worth it.

This lunch-only restaurant is itself a beautiful building, simple, restrained with straight lines and pastel colors. It instills calmness as soon as you enter.

Virgilio Martínez’s High altitude restaurant is very close to Moray, the ancient Inca ruin where the Incas experimented with food. Moray is built so that the upper terraces have a temperature difference of 16 degrees to the lower ones. That enables the Incas to grow completely different vegetables in more or less the same place.
The location and altitude is reflected in the menu, of course there is no seafood, only fish from lakes high up in the mountains. Nevertheless, the great biodiversity of the location allows a very interesting and beautifully presented menu. The dishes are very tasty and perfectly executed. When interacting with the staff they sound more like scientists than wait staff.
All of this together with the pilgrimage one has to undertake makes this place a truly inspiring and worthwhile journey. Go there, you will not regret it.

High Altitude
10 / 10