Dinner at Desde 1911

Dinner at Desde 1911

at Desde 1911 on 20 July 2023
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Pescaderías Coruñesas is a family-owned business founded in 1911, dedicated to fishing and seafood exploitation. Over the years, it evolved into a successful company with a strong tradition of excellence and a profound respect for the sea. The company's dedication to providing top-quality seafood in Madrid made it a leading name in the industry.

In 1956, the fourth generation of fishmongers and carriers, Maria Juliana Azpíroz and Evaristo García, took over the family business and fulfilled their father's dream by opening the restaurant "Desde 1911." This restaurant became a homage to their family's legacy and a celebration of Madrid's status as the capital of fresh seafood in Spain.

"Desde 1911" boasts a beautiful Nordic-inspired setting, offering three distinct spaces: a dining area with a view of the kitchen, an open and landscaped central patio, and a private dining area. The restaurant's philosophy revolves around serving the freshest seafood of the day, creatively reinventing the menu daily based on the best catch from Spain's coasts.

The culinary experience at "Desde 1911" is enhanced by traditional artisan techniques, with a special focus on the wood-burning oven, preserving and magnifying the natural flavors of the seafood and fish.

The restaurant's team of 20, led by Abel Valverde in the dining room and Diego Murciego in the kitchen, ensures an unforgettable dining experience marked by excellence, craftsmanship, and personalized service.

Throughout its journey, "Desde 1911" remains a testament to the family's passion for the sea and a testament to their commitment to delivering the finest seafood to the heart of Madrid. The restaurant's dedication to tradition and innovation continues to make it a treasured destination for seafood enthusiasts seeking an extraordinary gastronomic adventure.

The dining experience at this restaurant was nothing short of exceptional. With a diverse menu offering 3-6 starters, the main fish of the day, a cheese cart, and a dessert cart, it was a culinary delight. As expected, the seafood was world-class, a testament to the fact that the restaurant is owned by one of Spain's best fish mongers.

The Chipiron de Auzuelo a la Brasa stood out with its delightful texture, complemented by the sweet onion that added a perfect contrast and flavor. The Caviar de Beluga Irani con Brioche de Mantequilla y Beurre Blanc was an excellent pairing, with the low-salted caviar and Beurre Blanc creating a harmonious combination, while the brioche added a pleasing texture.

The Bonito del Norte Ahumado con Tomate y Jalapeños presented like a modern painting, showcasing the seasonal tomatoes and tasty Bonito in a visually appealing circle. The dish was an explosion of flavors, with the star being the luscious tomatoes.

The Tallarines de Calamares a la Carbonara cen Trufa Nepra de Nerano, featuring squid cut in noodle form with a rich carbonara sauce, provided a delightful and rich course, full of umami and satisfying textures.

The Lubina de Ribeira en Horno was a standout, impressing with its soft, juicy, and flavorful profile, a true culinary masterpiece.

The selection of cheeses and dessert trolley was unbelievable, completing the meal on a high note.

Visitors should be prepared for a generous portion of food, but every dish was executed at the highest level, with impeccable taste and presentation. The front office staff added to the wonderful experience, making this restaurant a must-visit destination.

8 / 10

Smoked Salmon

Seafood selection of the day

Smoked Salmon

Grilled Chipiron de Auzuelo

Bread selection

Caviar de Beluga Irani con Brioche de Mantequilla y Beurre Blanc

Smoked Bonito del Norte with Tomato and Jalapeños

Galician Lobster Salpicon

Portuguese Cigala

Merluza de Pincho (Hake) cured with Calamer Tallaires in its Pilpil sauce

Tallarines de Calamares a la Carbonara cen Trufa Nepra de Nerano

Huelva Carabinero (a type of prawn) with Pigs Trotter

Oven-baked Ribeira Sea Bass