Dinner at Coombeshead Farm

Dinner at Coombeshead Farm

with Neil Walker and Adley Zayan at Coombeshead Farm on 27 September 2018
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Fäviken meets Cornwall.

Tom Adams, who made his name with a food truck on the South Bank in London, ventured with April Bloomfield from NYC, to create this oasis in the Cornwall, where there is no mobile phone connection.
There he converted a former pig farm into a farm-to-table restaurant which doubles up as a bakery in the morning and has a 5 bed room B&B attached.
The whole experience has a Zen like to it, you wander through the massive garden and overlook the pastures, stroll over to the barn where the bakery/dining room is and stress flows away from you.
The food is hyperlocal and for good parts completely self produced. This maybe creates the only disadvantage as there is no seafood or fish on the menu.
The duck certainly was the stand out dish of the evening.

And by the way, their breakfast easily beats the famous one at Fäviken.

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7 / 10