Dinner at Christophe Bacquié

Dinner at Christophe Bacquié

with Andy Hayler at La Table du Castellet on 29 June 2018
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This place seemingly comes out of no where. Obviously it had 2 stars but I had never heard of it nor do I know anybody who has been there. It came onto my radar only when the Guide elevated it this year to a 3 star level.

The restaurant is housed inside the Hotel & Spa du Castellet complex which is close to the F1 circuit and international airport and surrounded by stunningly beautiful gardens.

The dining room is minimalistic with a quirky surprise, there is no cheese trolley but a cheese room, so if you choose to have cheese you will be asked to go into the room with a waiter and select your cheese instead of the cheeses come to you.

The cuisine is Mediterranean and not unexpectedly heavy on the fish side. Our menu contained some unusual fished like Vive (weever) and Dentex, but also common ones like Mackerel Catfish and Red Mullet.

With the exception of the Red Mullet the execution was flawless and the flavours strong and sometimes surprising. The Langoustine (from the Atlantic) was the absolute highlight together with the Artichoke in a very light curry sauce.

The service was exceptionally friendly and professional with the exception of the sommelier who tried to steer us always into the most expensive wines.

A very pleasant meal, clearly on a 3 star level in some of the most beautiful surroundings close to Marseille.

8 / 10