Dinner at Iida (飯田)

Dinner at Iida (飯田)

at Iida (飯田) on 5 April 2022
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Spring menu at Iida. As always precise, thoughtful and delicious. Exclusive ingredients cooked gently to perfection. A phenomenal layering of flavors releasing plenty of umami.

This place is impossible to book, it is small and very, very good. A few years ago they got 3 stars in the Guide Michelin. Then the telephone avalanche started. People trying to bully their way to a reservation. In the end Mrs. Iida asked the GM not only to remove the stars but to remove their restaurant from the Guide at all. Since then, she says, peace has returned and they can go about their business as they used to. They don’t really need to worry about filling the place up, normally you have to submit your wishes in August of each year, not for the next year but for the year after. Of course there is no credit card or deposit needed, only an entry with a pencil into their diary even though the reservation might be more than 2 years in the future.
Only in Japan….

ps: The pictures show only the first part of the meal as one is only allowed photos if on is the only guest in the restaurant. Once the other guest arrived I had to stop making pictures.

10 / 10