Dinner at Auberge Eaufeu

Dinner at Auberge Eaufeu

at Auberge eaufeu (Auberge eaufeu) on 7 April 2024
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Auberge eaufeu, nestled in a repurposed school building in the serene environs of Kanagaso, presents a harmonious blend of history, architecture, and culinary innovation. This unique setting, where nostalgic elements of its educational past intermingle with modern design, offers guests a dining experience unlike any other. The building's transformation has been thoughtfully executed, maintaining its historical essence while incorporating contemporary aesthetics, creating an ambiance that is both inviting and inspiring.

At the heart of Auberge eaufeu's gastronomic identity is Chef Shota Itoi, whose impressive culinary journey has seen him ascend from winning Japan's most prestigious chef competition at an early age to honing his craft in renowned kitchens globally, including Le Restaurant Greuze in Burgundy and The French Laundry in California. His return to Japan and the helm of Auberge eaufeu marks a fusion of his vast experiences and the rich culinary heritage of the Ishikawa Prefecture.

The menu is a testament to Chef Itoi's dedication to excellence and innovation, showcasing dishes that are as delightful to the palate as they are visually appealing. The whelk shellfish dish stands out for its perfect calibration of ingredients, delivering a balance that is nearly unrivaled. The firefly squid, paired with asparagus and daikon, is another highlight, offering a burst of flavors that is both fresh and deeply satisfying.

The owan (soup) course, featuring Metai fish in a beautifully crafted dashi, exemplifies the chef's ability to elevate traditional Japanese dishes with modern techniques and presentations. Local bamboo sprouts, steamed and grilled to perfection, highlight the chef's commitment to sourcing the finest local ingredients and showcasing their natural flavors.

This culinary journey is complemented by innovative dishes like the wild boar, presented in a variety of cuts including the heart, showcasing the chef's skill in butchery and cooking game meat. The meal concludes on a high note with a selection of desserts that feature a clever use of kiwi, strawberry, caramel, and chocolate, each dish a testament to the chef's creative flair and attention to detail.

In Auberge eaufeu, the old school building's charm and Chef Itoi's culinary artistry combine to create an unforgettable dining experience, where each dish tells a story of tradition, innovation, and the continuous pursuit of culinary excellence.

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8 / 10