Dinner at Ca sento (カセント)

Dinner at Ca sento (カセント)

at Ca sento (カセント) on 9 April 2019
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Third visit of Ca'Sento.

Inspired by his stay at Ca'Sento in Valencia, my favourite restaurant there during the Feria, which sadly closed in 2012, Shinya Fukumoto cooks an independent cuisine with hints of his Spanish training.

He starts the dinner with small plates which mix Japanese and Spanish flavours, ingredients and recipes. There is a plate with katsuo on a very traditional Japanese sauce and another one with boquerones in olive oil.
The mains were all very solid but the outstanding dish was the arroz meloso, cooked in a traditional donabe. When served it had a lot of soup but as the residual heat of the donabe changes the consistency of the rice the liquidity almost disappeared. Superb!

Spanish Japanese
8 / 10