Kabuki sushi in Kitakyushu, dinner at Teru Sushi

Kabuki sushi in Kitakyushu, dinner at Teru Sushi

at Teru sushi (照寿司) on 10 May 2018
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- Takayoshi Watanabe

Mr. Watanabe decided a few years ago that he will become famous in combing the exaggeration of kabuki with preparing sushi. And he was successful as his worldwide following and a tabelog rating of 4.43 can attest to.

For me his theatrics are somewhat off putting as he prepares the nigiri sometimes sloppy, so the rice falls apart. He tops the shari with a double or even a triple layer. I don't want to put down the quality of the ingredients but when you can't eat the nigiri because the toppings being so big it becomes vulgar.

However, if these observations do not turn you off, then you are in for a good ride and splendid experience. Mr. Watanabe is a genuine host and enjoys his performance as much as most of the guest.

7 / 10