Lunch at Eel Mitsuru

Lunch at Eel Mitsuru

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Fantastic unagi place about one hour from Kagoshima. First a train ride, then a half hour walk from the train station. When I arrived shortly after 11am, the car park was full and the list at the entrance was already filling the entire first page.
Luckily my concierge managed to get me a reservation, so I did not really have to wait, as the friendly lady instantaneously spotted me and recognised me as Huber-san, easier than it seems, as I was the only gaijin around.

It is a pity that I was not allowed to film this, but inside the building is an eel killing factory.

The farmed fresh water eels are taken out of wide buckets though which fresh water is constantly circulated, the Master of the House puts a spike like an ice pick through their heads, slices them open and puts skewers through them. They are then grilled on a Japanese grill until ready and served to the customer who sits on a counter looking into the kitchen watching how his/her eel gets transformed from life animal to eating delicacy.
The final product is spongy in texture but full of umami with a slight sweetness to it. Together with the rice a great combination.

What a pleasure which you can buy for Y2,700 or even less!