Lunch at Restaurante Bagá

Lunch at Restaurante Bagá

with Steve Plotnicki at Bagá on 10 March 2018
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Pedro Sánchez or Pedrito for his friends was the head Chef at Casa Antonio for more than a decade. Seven months ago he struck out on his own and cooks now in one of the tiniest restaurant I know. He barely fits 12 people into it. Steve and I had to sit on small bar stools which were put on the other side of the pass.
What is more astonishing is that his kitchen looks like the kitchen of a regular one bed room apartment. There is not ONE equipment which looks like it would be at home in a professional kitchen.
Undeterred by this Pedrito cooks up a true storm. His modern, clean, vegetable dominated and product based cuisine truly convinces. 19 servings which always follow the same rule, one main ingredient with only one other to enhance the first one. All of them flawlessly executed and so tasty that you and your palate stay alert and expecting throughout the meal.
I cannot wait to go back in the middle of the summer when the great Spanish vegetables are at their best.
Of all the courses one was a complete stand-put. Veal kidney with caviar! I am not a great fan of offals but this was by far the best I have ever eaten. The kidney were just fried for a few minutes in a very hot pan and then topped with caviar. Unbelievable.

7 / 10

Ajo blanco helado de piña y basilisco

Kidney with caviar