Dinner at Sushi Shikon

Dinner at Sushi Shikon

at Sushi Shikon on 25 April 2016
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I loved Sushi Yoshitake in Tokyo. This place is the Hong Kong branch of it with its former sous chef at its helm. It serves the Edo style sushi where the rice is seasoned with red vinegar.

Mr. Kakinuma is a pride to his master. The fact that he likes to use his fluent English makes the whole experience even more pleasant.

He starts with some cooked dishes before leading into an orgy of sublime subtlety of taste, smell and texture which leaves the dinner deeply satisfied and grateful.
The tako (octopus, upper right) and the double uni (sea urchin, lower right) were the pinnacle of this tour de force.

There seems to be a plan in place to open up another branch in NYC and Mr. Kakinuma will be in charge there. What a loss for Hong Kong and gain for NYC!

8 / 10