Lunch at Amber

Lunch at Amber

at Amber on 2 December 2019
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First visit in the refurbished Amber. Light tones dominate, "feminine" as they describe it, with tables bordered by sweeping and curving walls of medium height.

The food is classic, not necessarily daring, heavily influenced by Japanese cuisine, ingredients and technique, and executed flawless.

The classic dish, on the menu for over 10 years, the Aka Uni is still tasting great even though it looks overloaded with luxurious ingredients.

The two main course were the standouts of this meal. The tile fish glassy and flakey with the scales on top to add texture. The spring lamb (in December?), loin and belly, cooked pink with great flavour.

Well done, I hope the relaunch is successful despite the trying times right now.

8 / 10