Dinner at Noma (1st day of vegetable season of 2018)

Dinner at Noma (1st day of vegetable season of 2018)

with Mikkel Steen Andersen at Noma 2.0 on 26 June 2018
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Scene 2 of the relaunch of Noma, the vegetable season. In one word: IMPRESSIVE!

It is incredible hard to keep a dinners attention throughout a multi-course menu when you can play with seafood, fish and meats. When all you have is vegetables, this task becomes exponentially harder. I have visited every single Guide Michelin rated vegetarian restaurant on earth but there is only one (Fu He Hui in Shanghai) which managed to keep my interest. Until now.

The vegetarian menu at Noma in 2018 is phenomenally creative, pleases with extraordinary combination of flavours and textures, all of this presented very, very beautifully.

Three dishes were for me just off the charts and clearly next level.
berries and fava beans - a harmony of sweet and sour, soft and crunchy textures and the exact amount of acidity that the flavours lingers in your mouth like a Chateau Mouton 1982.
caramelized milk and cheese - this unassuming title hides the layer of summer truffle which covers the entirety of the base layer. This creates an unbelievable sensation when you eat it.
shawarma of celeriac and truffle - thin layers of celeriac alternated with truffle create a meaty texture releasing lots of umami. You wish you could ask for seconds.

All in one wonders how one can come up with so much creativity and take so much risk. As the current food thought leader RĂ©ne and his team succeeded beyond everyones wildest hope and delivered a phenomenal second stage of the their Tour 2018.


10 / 10