Lunch at Salsify

Lunch at Salsify

at Salsify at the Roundhouse on 8 January 2019
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In the former hunting lodge of Lord Charles Somerset, overlooking the wonderful coast line of Camps Bay opened very recently the newest child of the Dale-Roberts empire. Chef/Partner Ryan Cole, Test Kitchen alumnus, reigns in the kitchen.

They have a tasting menu, but also offer a la carte. As this is rare, we created our own tasting menu in simply ordering the entire menu, every single dish on the a la carte menu!

Having opened just 2 months ago, the kitchen and the front office impress. Apart from some calibration issues, every dish was well balanced, expertly executed (with the exception of the duck) and beautifully plated. Strong flavours dominate.

I think this is a wonderful start of the team and it will surely improve. A new entry in next years Best of SA" is assured, completion for the flagship.

Modern Cuisine
7 / 10