Dinner  at Harutaka

Dinner at Harutaka

at Harutaka on 10 February 2024
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My recent meal at Ginza Harutaka, under the expert helm of Chef Harutaka Takahashi, was an unforgettable journey into the heart of Tokyo's sushi excellence. Chef Takahashi, with thirteen years of rigorous training at the esteemed Sukiyabashi Jiro, has honed his craft to perfection, which is vividly reflected in every dish he presents. The restaurant's ambiance, characterized by its refined black marble floors and bespoke handcrafted furniture, sets the stage for an unparalleled dining experience.

The meal began with an array of otsumami, starting with an exceptionally good taco, moving through the delicate flavors of amadei, and culminating in the awabi, which was undoubtedly one of the best I've ever had. Its perfect texture and deep umami set a high standard for the rest of the meal. The nigiri selection further cemented Harutaka's culinary prowess. The ika was served with a minimal cut, retaining more texture and subtly releasing its sweetness, a nuanced approach that distinguished it from others. The kohada was less about the spectacle and more about savoring the pure taste of the fish itself, reflecting a philosophy of simplicity and purity. The otoro and chutoro were beyond comparison, a testament to the best I've ever enjoyed, their rich flavors marrying perfectly with the shari. The uni from Hokkaido was another highlight, bursting with sweetness, rich in umami, and remarkably low in iodine taste, while the thicker cut buri offered an incredible texture with a gradual umami release.

For me, the shari at Harutaka is amongst the best one can find in Tokyo, a sentiment that reinforces my love for this place. The recent meal underscored why Harutaka is truly deserving of its three Michelin stars, a recognition of its exceptional cuisine that is indeed worth a special journey.

My experience at Harutaka is a clear testament to Chef Harutaka Takahashi's mastery over sushi, showcasing his ability to elevate traditional sushi to extraordinary heights with his unique touch. This dining experience not only validated the three Michelin stars awarded to Harutaka but also reaffirmed its status as a pinnacle of culinary artistry in Tokyo. Harutaka is more than a restaurant; it's a destination that beautifully narrates the story of dedication, passion, and the sublime art of sushi making.

10 / 10