Dinner at SHIORI

Dinner at SHIORI

at SHIORI on 22 November 2021
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When I walked into this place, I thought this is going to be not so good. There is not much choice in Nikko.
However, when I tasted the first dish I knew I was onto something. A simple dashi with fried tofu, crispy on the outside and soft inside. One of the best ones I have eaten. And it continued from there. Nothing complex, simple dishes but all of them superbly executed and so delicious. A good chef can make a karaage which is so succulent and juicy it melts in your mouth. The oyster, not necessarily easy to make, was perfectly cooked and the juice transported you immediately to the sea where it is from. The gyozas arrived sizzling at the table, contained a very well seasoned pork and were very crispy on the outside.
Well, now at least I know where I go when I come back to Nikko.

7 / 10

Tofu in dashi

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