Dinner at Zum Goldenen Kalb

Dinner at Zum Goldenen Kalb

at Zum Goldenen Kalb on 2 September 2019
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US steakhouse in Munich. They have the normal fare but then you pick up to 30 different cuts from their aging fridge. The variety is big, but the quality lacks and does not justify the prices, which are painful. €158 for a 500g Bavarian Fleckvieh, which was quite chewy. The Simmenthal filet was overcooked but was, when we pointed this out, taken off the bill.
The winelist is comprehensive but like always in Germany very expenisve.

4 / 10

Beef consommé

steak tartare

Pimientos de Pardon

Bavarian Fleckvieh

Potatoe gratin

Side dishes