Lunch at Cenci

Lunch at Cenci

at Cenci (cenci) on 24 November 2022
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Chef-owner Ken Sakamoto built this place in 2014 and created a really special atmosphere. It features a dining room on two levels, a counter seating for 4 and a private dining room for up to 6 people.
His cuisine is Italian inspired, featuring Japaneses ingredients. His dishes are highly depended on the season and therefore change frequently. His combination of flavors are sometimes highly unusual. Only a person with a very deep memory bank for flavors can map these combinations. They work astonishingly well. Like pear and pigeon or persimmon and kawahagi.
There is a choice of tea or wine pairing, both of them interesting although the wine pairing is more suitable to fans of funky natural wines.
An excellent meal.

Italian Japanese
8 / 10


Caviar, Ezo Pine tree

Caviar, Ezo Pine tree

Hakusai, Parsley root, Cod milt

Shogo in radish, Pork, Long pepper

Ebi-imo, Kujo green onion, Egoma

Pear, Pigeon, Sansho

Shogoin turnip, Seaweed, Karasumi, Tagliolini

Leek, Pacific Soury, Sudachi, Risotto

Chestnut, Coffee

Strawberry, Mint

Apple, Free range milk