Dinner at Sorn

Dinner at Sorn

at Sorn on 8 May 2024
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Sorn, a renowned restaurant in Bangkok, is helmed by Chef Supaksorn "Ice" Jongsiri. With his roots in southern Thailand, Chef Ice channels his heritage into Sorn's authentic southern Thai cuisine. He sources ingredients exclusively from the 14 provinces in the region, crafting dishes that reflect its unique ecosystem and flavors. He emphasizes the use of rare herbs, fresh fish, and traditional cooking techniques that celebrate the distinctive, fiery spice that southern Thai food is known for.

The restaurant has gained significant acclaim, earning two Michelin stars and securing the second position in Asia's 50 Best Restaurants 2022. Located in a restored mansion in Bangkok, Sorn offers an immersive 10-course tasting menu that unfolds the stories and traditions of the region. Chef Ice is particularly proud of their rice salad dish, "The Sea Holds the Forest," which encapsulates the intricate blend of flavors and the area's symbiotic relationship between sea and land.

Sorn's culinary journey, curated by Chef Supaksorn "Ice" Jongsiri, took diners on an exceptional exploration of Southern Thai cuisine yesterday, blending rich regional flavors with contemporary elegance. The experience began with an amuse-bouche that set the tone for the night. This prelude led into the "Silver Sillogo," a combination of turmeric, scallops, and curry paste, capturing the fiery essence of the region.

A standout course, "The Ocean Jarnt," presented Phuket lobster, spotted Babylon, and blue crab in a way that highlighted the ocean's bounties. The "Sorbet," made with radish and young ginger, refreshed the palate before the "Crab Stick," a symphony of blue and mud crab roe with chili paste and soy sauce.

"MalinJo" and "Gor Lae" followed, with the former offering coconut milk and dried shrimp, and the latter cockle and dried abalone, both skillfully celebrating Southern Thai flavors.

"The Sea Holds the Forest" summed up Chef Ice's philosophy perfectly, combining turmeric rice with a herbal Budu sauce, reflecting the symbiotic relationship between the sea and land.

Accompaniments like "Son Hoak Chili Paste" and "Dried Yellow Curry" enhanced the main course of jasmine rice steamed with charcoal and Ranong mineral water.

To end, "Sago" featured longan sorbet and jelly with coconut ice powder, while "Bee Koh Moy" delighted with black sticky rice, young coconut ice cream, and cashews.

Overall, Chef Ice paid homage to his roots through each meticulously crafted dish, ensuring Sorn stood as a beacon of Southern Thai cuisine.

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8 / 10