Dinner at The French Laundry

Dinner at The French Laundry

at French Laundry, The on 9 May 2018
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the cookbook @_tfl_

Pacific madai tartare & sesame cone & chives @_tfl_

Ritz cracker & cabbage & cheddar & caramelized onions @_tfl_

Modicum (FL labeled Schramsberg), Blanc de blancs 2014 @_tfl_

Apple gel and fennel pollen & chilled fennel soup @_tfl_

Oysters from island creek & pearls (sabayon tapioca) & caviar @_tfl_

Big eye tuna tartare & sour apple / crispy Mediterranean octopus & eggplant bechamel / sturgeon & egg mouse & cucumber salad @_tfl_

Egg custard & ragout of truffles & potato chives chip @_tfl_

Keller, Pettenthal GG, Rheinhessen 2015 @_tfl_

renovated kitchen @_tfl_

Foie torchon & Holland white asparagus & hibiscus poached rhubarb & marcona almonds & wild sorrel @_tfl_

steelhead trout terrine & braised leeks & Ruby beet puree & yellow beet salad @_tfl_

Maine lobster filled mascarpone crepe dumpling & peas & carrot ginger puree & poached lobster claw @_tfl_

Parker house roll with paprika & Diane St Clair animal farm butter @_tfl_

Squab & buttered sweet corn & spinach & sauce perigourdine @_tfl_

Chateaubriand of veal & wild morel mushrooms & green asparagus & watercress & sauce blanquette @_tfl_

Andante dairy etude & winter truffle foudue @_tfl_

Strawberry and spring blossoms jello & redistilled strawberry & olive oil @_tfl_

Short bread cookie ice cream @_tfl_

Cinnamon doughnuts & cappuccino semifredo

earl grey dehydrated in house with bergamot @_tfl_

Aerated chocolate with french laundry garden honey & cannele ice cream @_tfl_

mint & peanut butter and jelly & hazelnut praline & smore & passion fruit & salted caramel & pistachio & dark chocolate (right to left) @_tfl_

dining room @_tfl_

inside @_tfl_