Dinner at El Faralló

Dinner at El Faralló

at Restaurante El Faralló on 25 October 2018
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Spanish cheesecake & strawberries and dragon fruit @rest_elfarallo

Seafood saffron paella w sendra rice @rest_elfarallo

Saffron seafood broth paella @rest_elfarallo

Bomba rice vs J. Sendra rice @rest_elfarallo

best sauce @rest_elfarallo

Boiled castellón prawns in sea water and cooled down by ice @rest_elfarallo

Eulogio Pomares 'Carralcoba' Blanco, albarino , RIAS BAIXAS 2016 @rest_elfarallo

Castellón prawns a la plancha @rest_elfarallo

monkfish liver & muscato grape @rest_elfarallo

grilled whole baby squids @rest_elfarallo #toptendish2018

Bodegas Zarate Balado, RIAS BAIXAS 2016 @rest_elfarallo

Massaged and sun dried then fire grilled octopus & olive oil @rest_elfarallo

boquerones en vinegar & bread and butter @rest_elfarallo