Dinner at Namaaz Dining

Dinner at Namaaz Dining

at Namaaz Dining on 16 August 2017
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Ready for the last dessert course

Baby powder - pandan crepes & coconut milk pop rocks & coconut marshmallow

Tutti Frutti white chocolate covered mochi & pandan and strawberry aromatics

Lipstick putting to good use !

Coconut cherry lipstick

Asinan bogor caviar & neon pineapple sorbet & Justin Bieber money

Asinan bogor caviar - pickled fruits of bogor city

Squid ink QR & squid & squid mayo & squid chips

Minimized chicken stuffed with quail egg in dehydrated spring onions & sambal tasting of peanut / soy sauce / green tomatoes / super spicy

Lamb curry encapsulated in agar coconut sphere & potatoes

Faux caviar (sweet soy spherified) & beef stock cooked rice & beet & eggs & fermented soy bean

Red snapper in rice paper & sambal & stinky bean powder

Encapsulated shrimp ball & young coconut & aromatic herbs & long beans & chilies

"eggs & steak" - mango & watermelon

Andrian Ishak @[instagram] Namaaz dinning #andbukanad

5 sec instant noodles

Indonesian instant noodles

Chicken curry sandwich & palm sugar sambal

Young papaya from dieng sweetened with sugar and turmeric & jelly of telang flower & pomegranate infused apple & marmalade coated popohan leave & pomelo and crushed candlenut

Windex spinach & spherified corn kernel & garlic & chili

Grocery list & Justin Bieber money

mango multi spherification & chili & kecombrang flower (etlingera elatior)