Dinner at Fore Street

Dinner at Fore Street

at Fore Street on 6 September 2017
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Meal Views

Fore Street wood fire grill

Lamb belly pastrami & blueberry vinegar rinsed duck breast prosciutto & lard fried rusk and pork creton & tomato jam & champagne vinegar mustard

Wood oven roasted cauliflower & pickled green tomatoes vinaigrette

Giant chicken of the wood mushroom and squash

Bluet, Wild blueberry sparking wine made in the champagne method, Maine 2016

Roasted hen of the woods and fermented radish salad & butter milk dressing / crispy shiitake mushrooms sandwich & oyster mushrooms and pork belly duxelles

Wood grilled foie & spaghetti squash & grilled tomatoes & husk cherry jam

Heirloom tomatoes & pork belly rusk & saison cheddar