Dinner at Le Grand Restaurant

Dinner at Le Grand Restaurant

at Le Grand Restaurant on 20 November 2019
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Chocolate covered cilantro and marigold & lemon thyme roll-up / blackberry soaked in elderflower liqueur @legrandrestaurantparis

Frosted fig leaf @legrandrestaurantparis

Prune & pineapple / chocolate cake and vanilla @legrandrestaurantparis

Spruce tree bark @legrandrestaurantparis

Liquid apple pie @legrandrestaurantparis

mon blanc a manger @legrandrestaurantparis

Chocolate & basil & chilies @legrandrestaurantparis

Brie de Meaux fondant & lovage granita @legrandrestaurantparis

Walnut roasted veal sweetbread & wine jus with preserved truffles from 2018 & salsify chip @legrandrestaurantparis #best

Mashed potatoes with walnuts @legrandrestaurantparis

Gonon, saint Joseph 2011 @legrandrestaurantparis

Veal sweetbread roasted with walnut shells @legrandrestaurantparis

Roasted lobster & marigold emulsion & lobster tartare & red wine lobster jus @legrandrestaurantparis

Lobster roasted on its shell @legrandrestaurantparis

Seaweed biscuit & yellow beet & caviar & butter emulsion with chicken broth @legrandrestaurantparis

Seaweed steamed yellow beet with caviar @legrandrestaurantparis

Breads and butter @legrandrestaurantparis

Mackerel escabeche tart with mustard / escabeche liquid with mackerel bone broth jello & cured roe & carrots @legrandrestaurantparis

Eel ice cream mousse & crispy eel @legrandrestaurantparis

Pickled herring in potato chip @legrandrestaurantparis

Cedric Bouchard Roses de Jeanne Rose de Saignee 'Le Creux d'Enfer' 2013 @legrandrestaurantparis

Sardines pate on air bread & vinegar jello @legrandrestaurantparis

Anchovies & butter & celery root @legrandrestaurantparis

butter in bread @legrandrestaurantparis