Dinner at Wu's Wonton King

Dinner at Wu's Wonton King

at Wu's Wonton King on 4 October 2018
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happy barfday to @thathadagirl x @schrammplate x @cocojlimhaas (not pictured) @wuswontonking

Crispy pigs intestines & shallots & long peppers & fermented black beans @wuswontonking

Crispy garlic Crispy chicken @wuswontonking

Steamed wild grouper & hot oil poured scallion and cilantro & roasted peanuts @wuswontonking

Tempura of Alaskan king crab & grouper head soup @wuswontonking

Steamed Alaskan king crab & stir fried scallions @wuswontonking

someone named it harvey @wuswontonking

Eel balls stir fried with long peppers and shallots & fermented black beans @wuswontonking

Veiled lady mushrooms stuffed with minced crab and fish & pea shoots @wuswontonking

Peiking duck buns @wuswontonking

Brutal by Christian Tschida, NEUSIEDLERSEE, AUSTRIA 2017 @wuswontonking

peiking duck for dinner @wuswontonking

Fermented black beans & razor clams & green pepper and onion @wuswontonking

thumb for reference. @wuswontonking