Dinner at Wu's Wonton King

Dinner at Wu's Wonton King

at Wu's Wonton King on 2 May 2018
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this piggy had a cold @wuswontonking

Leroy aligote 2011 @wuswontonking

Clams & fried egg with scallops & green chilies and cilantro @wuswontonking

Benoit Ente, puligny montrachet 2014 @wuswontonking

Steamed king crab & scallion greens @wuswontonking

Steamed branzino & roasted peanut @wuswontonking

Two Metre, Tall barrel aged sour cherry ale, tas Australia 2015 @wuswontonking

Pigs intestines & green chilies & fermented black beans @wuswontonking

Cantillon, Vigneronne, muscat grapes lambic @wuswontonking

Crispy garlic chicken @wuswontonking

king crab fried rice @wuswontonking

no judgement

all but one @wuswontonking