Dinner at Untitled (at the Whitney Museum)

Dinner at Untitled (at the Whitney Museum)

at Untitled on 26 December 2017
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Chocolate and peanut butter mousse & concord grape jam & toasted marshmallows @untitlednyc

Carolina gold rice pudding & cara cara orange & honey comb & coconut @untitlednyc

Grilled pork ribs & broccoli rabe & Japanese BBQ & roasted sweet potato @untitlednyc

Charred cauliflower & pistachio butter & sunflower seeds & sorghum @untitlednyc

Beef tartare & wild rice & sunchoke chips & shiso @untitlednyc

Grilled shrimp & parsnip crisp & butternut and rye risotto @untitlednyc

Francois Mikulski, Bourgogne Chardonnay 2015 @untitlednyc

Duck meatballs in coconut curry & peants and cilantro @untitlednyc

Fried fish lettuce tacos @untitlednyc

Pimento cheese & crispy flat bread @untitlednyc