Dinner at Uluh Tea House

Dinner at Uluh Tea House

at Uluh on 29 July 2019
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double wall @uluh.ny

Flaming home made coal (circa 1990 in Beijing) @uluh.ny

Peach tree jelly soup with lotus seeds @uluh.ny

Mochi stuffed with sesame & egg white @uluh.ny

happy barfday @jba256

Pichler-Krutzler Ried Kellerberg Riesling, WACHAU 2016 @uluh.ny

Lobster dry pot & tofu skin & lotus root & king oyster mushrooms & broccoli @uluh.ny

Seabass poached in chili Sichuan peppercorn oil @uluh.ny

Ampeau Meursault 1er Cru Perrières 1997 @uluh.ny

Sichuan kungpao chicken @uluh.ny

Dan Dan noddles @uluh.ny

Joh. Jos. Prum Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Auslese 2007 @uluh.ny

Crispy squids dry fried in chilies aromatic @uluh.ny

Braised pig trotters in soy and fermented chilies & scallion @uluh.ny

Domaine Jacques Carillon Les Perrieres 2012 @uluh.ny

Crispy pumpkin pudding with cured duck yolk crust @uluh.ny

Pork soup dumplings @uluh.ny

Accomasso, langhe 2004 @uluh.ny

Scallion pancake wrapped soy braised beef @uluh.ny

Peiking duck @uluh.ny

mikkeller riesling pat nat @uluh.ny

Poached chicken in peanuts chili vinaigrette & scallions @uluh.ny

Aromatic spices cured and poached duck @uluh.ny

Prevost facsimile 2016 @uluh.ny

Beef jerky in dried chilies @uluh.ny

Pig ear terrine in seasame chili oil @uluh.ny

Etienne Calsac, Champagne Les Revenants @uluh.ny

Rehydrated jelly fish with shredded chicken & cilantro @uluh.ny

Cherry tomatoes in preserved ume sauce @uluh.ny