Dinner at Uluh Tea House

Dinner at Uluh Tea House

at Uluh on 26 May 2019
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Egg drop soup with fermented rice & osmanthus & sticky rice dumplings @uluh.ny

Dan Dan noodles with spinach @uluh.ny

Garlic stir fried eggplant & cilantro stems @uluh.ny

Cured duck yolk crusted pumpkin pudding @uluh.ny

Scholium Project 'Riquewihr' Lost Slough Vineyard Gewurztraminer 2010 @uluh.ny

Pork ribs tea @uluh.ny

Pork belly braised abalone @uluh.ny

Eric Nicolas Domaine de Belliviere Les Giroflees Rose de Pineau d'Aunis @uluh.ny

Cumin lamb chops in chilies @uluh.ny

Pork belly stir fried with wild garlic @uluh.ny

Weingut Tement Sauvignon Blanc Steirische Klassik, SUDSTEIERMARK 2017 @uluh.ny

Crispy pig intestines in chilies @uluh.ny

Black truffles soup dumplings @uluh.ny @grant_achatz

Hugel & Fils Pinot Gris 'Grossi Laue', alsace 2011 @uluh.ny

Chilled tomatoes in salted plum syrup & mint @uluh.ny

Scallion pancake @uluh.ny

Redfield, west county cider @uluh.ny

Aromatic salted and poached and chilled duck @uluh.ny

Hand pulled chicken salad & jellyfish & cilantro @uluh.ny

Wiston Estate, Blanc de Blancs UK 2010 @uluh.ny

Beef jerky in sesame and chilies @uluh.ny