Dinner at TAK Room

Dinner at TAK Room

at TAK Room on 9 August 2019
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speakeasy @takroomnyc

Salty caramel popcorn @takroomnyc

Chocolate souffle & vanilla ice cream @takroomnyc

Coconut chiffon cake & finger lime @takroomnyc

tree to table in 5 seconds @takroomnyc #palatecleanser

Calamondin @takroomnyc

Short rib wellington & sauce perigourdine @takroomnyc

Short rib wellington @takroomnyc

Creamed corn & poblano pepper and bread crumbs @takroomnyc

Instant storm @takroomnyc

Prime rib & yolkshire pudding & jus @takroomnyc

Grilled fairytale eggplant & pesto & basil @takroomnyc

Lopez rose 2009 @takroomnyc

Blue crab cake & spicy mayo & garden salad @takroomnyc

fountain of youth @takroomnyc

Celery heart salad & white anchovies & pecans & pickled chilies & herbs @takroomnyc

Veggies dip @takroomnyc

trimmed @takroomnyc