Dinner at Sichuan Manor

Dinner at Sichuan Manor

at Sichuan Manor on 29 April 2018
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Poached pork belly & chili oil dipping / thousands year egg & green chilies #sichuanmanor

Conch & scallion & chili oil #sichuanmanor

Quick poached and cooled down pork kidneys & Sichuan peppercorn sauce #sichuanmanor

Dragon whiskers - squid tentacles & green and red chilies #sichuanmanor

Chili oil poached fish & green Sichuan peppercorn #sichuanmanor

Lion head meatballs & spinach and tofu #sichuanmanor

Chili paste & king crab #sichuanmanor

sizzling pig brain & lacto fermented long beans & red Sichuan peppercorn & green chilies #sichuanmanor