Dinner at Racines NY

Dinner at Racines NY

at Racines NYC on 24 September 2019
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Roasted poulet rouge & Okinawan black sugar & bitter almond @racines_ny

Grilled duck breast & dried orange & endive & Earl grey tea @racines_ny

Gonon, saint Joseph 2016 @racines_ny

Fried artichoke & fermented honey & yogurt & mint @racines_ny

Heirloom tomato & n'duja & padron pepper @racines_ny

Domaine Francois Raveneau Vaillons 2016 @racines_ny

Grilled leeks & heirloom celery & white soy @racines_ny

dew & white tea & fennel flowers @racines_ny

Vouetee sorbee, textures, Pinot blanc 2016 (disg 2018) @racines_ny

Coconut ice cream for habanero remedy @quinoc @racines_ny

roulette of habanero and habanadas & fermented cherry bomb peppers sauce & basil & espelette @racines_ny @row7seeds