Dinner at Racines NY

Dinner at Racines NY

at Racines NYC on 21 August 2019
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Chamomile panna cotta & plums and pluots & olive oil @racines_ny

Coconut sorbet & fig leaf oil @racines_ny

40 days aged pork portier & heirloom tomatoes and pepper sugo @racines_ny

Emilio Rojo, RIBEIRO 2011 @racines_ny

Steak tartare & roasted beef fat & grilled Jimmy Nardello peppers @racines_ny

New potatoes & gordal olives and pistachio cream @racines_ny

Fried artichoke & fermented honey vinaigrette & mint & yogurt @racines_ny

Cured fluke & Meyer lemon & basil @racines_ny

Charred yellow peach & peach reduction & sungold & corn silk tea @racines_ny