Dinner at Racines NY

Dinner at Racines NY

at Racines NYC on 2 July 2019
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Meeting of the minds @ljsconzo @diegomoya

Ben's famous lemon tart - lemon curd & jello of creme fraiche & thyme & kumquat whipped yogurt @racines_ny

Razor clam a la plancha & xo sauce & lovage oil @racines_ny

Salted cod croquette blended with cod head collagen & fermented kumquat & habanero & jamon @racines_ny

Pierre Gonon Chasselas VDF 2016 @racines_ny #2016>2015

court bouillon poached shrimp & cilantro root & green coriander & lemon balm vinaigrettes & celtuce @racines_ny

Green tomatoes & sungold and padron pepper vinaigrette & caramelized onions and n'duja @racines_ny