Dinner at Pasquale Jones

Dinner at Pasquale Jones

at Pasquale Jones on 20 September 2019
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Pistachio and cherry cannoli @pizzasavoy x @pasqualejones

Clams pizza & matsutake & sudachi @pizzasavoy x @pasqualejones

Marinara & onions & basil and garlic & olive oil @pizzasavoy x @pasqualejones

Keller, Abts E 2015 @pizzasavoy x @pasqualejones

Tuna pizza & wasabi & chives @pizzasavoy x @pasqualejones

radicchio and pecan salad & pecorino @pizzasavoy x @pasqualejones

Keller, hubacker 2016 @pizzasavoy x @pasqualejones

Charcuterie and liver pate on toast @pizzasavoy x @pasqualejones