Dinner at N'eat

Dinner at N'eat

at n'eat on 24 May 2017
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Yogurt rosehip cream & strawberry & elderflower @neat_nyc

Chamomile ice cream & brunt meringue & cucumber sorbet @neat_nyc

Boneless shortrib & pepper and caramelized onion puree & bone marrow @neat_nyc

Kistler, Pinot noir, Sonoma Coast 2014 @neat_nyc

Grilled prawns & Meyer lemon and egg yolk sauce @neat_nyc

Spicy duck heart tartare & chives flower & fermented mushrooms & puffed wild rice @neat_nyc

Maine scallop & white kimchi & thyme @neat_nyc

Island Creek oysters & finger lime & preserved kombu @neat_nyc