Dinner at Mettā

Dinner at Mettā

at Mettā on 15 March 2018
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Chicken liver and gizzards bagna cauda & crudites @mettabk x @leedesrosiers

Roasted potato & pickled chili & melted Dorset cheese from consider bardwell farm in Vermont @metta x @leedesrosiers

Amber seared flat bread & morcilla & scallion @metta x @leedesrosiers

Slow roasted cabbage & burn lime butter @metta x @leedesrosiers

Frank Cornelissen, contadino, Sicily 2016 @metta x @leedesrosiers

Roasted sweetbreads & lacto fermented last year's corn and okra & basil @metta x @leedesrosiers

Lee's hell chicken & white miso and lacto fermented garlic and egg yolk puree & crispy skin & gems lettuce @metta x @leedesrosiers

Whole roasted flank & ribs & matambre & chimichurri @metta x @leedesrosiers

Polenta & pickled tomatoes & roasted maitake @metta x @leedesrosiers

Rogel - six layers of cookie dough & dulce de leche & chocolate topped with toasted meringue
@metta x @leedesrosiers