Dinner at Mettā

Dinner at Mettā

at Mettā on 21 March 2018
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Sourdough & butter @mettabk x @grimmales

Black bass ceviche & fermented aji dulce & sweet potato @mettabk x @grimmales

Grimm, Lilt, gilden sour ale aged in neutral oak barrels with sour cherries @mettabk x @grimmales

Charred beets galzed with fermented beet reduction & sprouted rye & sour cream @mettabk x @grimmales

Grimm, flow state, sour ale from 2014 aged in fee brother's orange bitter barrels @mettabk x @grimmales

Sour purple cabbage soup & wood fire roasted crispy lamb neck & orange zest @mettabk x @grimmales

Grimm, sour beer aged in oak barrels for 18 months with added Mosaic hops @mettabk x @grimmales

Roasted pork chops & last year's green tomatoes and peppers & olives @mettabk x @grimmales

Joe and Lauren Grimm of @grimmales & @negropiattoni of @mettabk

Pine ice cream & cranberry & shortbread biscuits
@mettabk x @grimmales

Zucca Rabarbaro amaro from 1960s @mettabk x @grimmales