Dinner at Restaurant Marc Forgione

Dinner at Restaurant Marc Forgione

at Marc Forgione on 5 February 2020
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Creekstone 28 days aged Cote de boeuf & potatoes puree & brussel sprouts & beef bacon & apple onion jam @marcforgione

Thierry Allemand Cornas Chaillots 2008 @marcforgione

Chicken thigh and scallions skewers grilled on Bichotan @marcforgione

Beef cheek agnolotti & mushrooms & bone marrow focaccia & chives & black truffles @marcforgione

Domaine Jean-Michel Stephan Cote Rotie Coteaux de Tupin 2007 @marcforgione

Smoked oyster & nasturtium / hot chicken wing @marcforgione

Prevost fac-simile rose 2016 @marcforgione

dinner rolls @marcforgione

Everything bagel gougeres with veggies cream cheese & onion chips @marcforgione