Dinner at Mandarin Oriental, New York

Dinner at Mandarin Oriental, New York

at Mandarin Oriental, New York on 6 July 2017
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Hazelnut brioche and blackberry compote & buttermilk sorbet and lavender honey theoffice@aviarycocktails

Foie terrine & chives / strawberry & tonka bean / brioche theoffice@aviarycocktails

Wagyu & rutabaga & maitake & nasturtium theoffice@aviarycocktails

Egg yolk beef tartare & summer truffles theoffice@aviarycocktails

Truffle amaretto sour theoffice@aviarycocktails

Australian summer truffles theoffice@aviarycocktails

Truffle explosion theoffice@aviarycocktails #og

Lustau, oloroso, don Nuno Secco, jerez theoffice@aviarycocktails

Iberico bellota volcano & romesco theoffice@aviarycocktails

$ by the oz theoffice@aviarycocktails

Mussels in Pernod creme & fennel & caramelized lemon & roasted garlic theoffice@aviarycocktails

Cured salmon & trout roe & peas & pumpernickel sourdough toast theoffice@aviarycocktails

Veggie and fruit bowl : compressed honeydew and watermelon & basil and tomatoes & white asparagus & beech mushrooms & pea shoots & celery & cauliflower & radish & carrot theoffice@aviarycocktails